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Turning great companies into great employer brands.

creative talent attraction

Crafting employer brands and EVP for some of the finest companies on the planet. Our creative team understands talent, and understands how to take great companies and turn them into great employer brands. Our in-house creative team work on-demand, keeping up with the ever changing nature of talent acquisition. When a new requirement appears, they quickly craft content as varied as advert copy through to large scale video production. We then drive your messaging through automated engagement, job boards, social media & more.

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a huge digital reach

Accessing hundreds of millions of candidate records by aggregating data across a wide range of job channels and social media. Connecting with talent in an omni-channel environment, our outbound interactions happen via SMS & email, meaning candidates need never sign up or download an app. For in-bound talent attraction, we continually make sure your job opportunities are front & centre across all relevant social media and job boards whilst continually leveraging a high standard of employer branded design.

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we get pretty creative

From a social media post through to full scale videography, we're your one stop shop for all things creative.

equipped for volume hiring

A digital campaign spanning two continents, bubb delivered 445+ screened candidates to Indeed Flex's talent team. Leveraging their existing employer branding collateral, creating fresh content, and adapting their EVP into an enticing employee proposition, we saw almost 12k applicants in a 6 month period, powering an ambitious hiring project for an ambitious company in the UK & the US.

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internationalize your employer brand

An in-house creative team at your disposal to create an adapt content wherever your hiring project may be. Truly localizing your employer brand based on local cultural and language expectations, whilst our digital team ensure they understand the best way of reaching passive talent through local job boards and social media.

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continuous talent engagement

bubb-digital sees us providing round the clock global talent engagement & sourcing for ambitious hiring teams

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creative & digital solutions for ambitious hiring teams

From Dubai to Dallas, our creative teams, and our digital-wizards, have helped power hiring campaigns, small and large, for ambitious talent leaders across the globe.

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