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AI source & screen, a perfect blend of human & machine working around the clock to deliver you top of funnel talent.

round the clock source & screen

Automated AI sourcing technology running 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, scouring LinkedIn and major boards for candidates that match your open requisitions. Either simply shortlisting or reaching out to suitable talent with your employer branded message, our automated engagement is designed to continually drive top of funnel for our Talent Sourcers to get stuck into to working your candidates through the screening process.

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expert talent partners

Our Talent Partners work as an extension of your hiring team, processing interested applicants from bubb-digital, and spending the rest of their allocated time on external searching and screening. Our recruiters can either work externally or can be integrated into your ATS, with both options seeing them benefit from a wide array of the latest & greatest in sourcing tools, enabling them to recruit at a pace previously unheard of amongst humans.

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a perfect blend of human & machine

Letting the technology do the grunt work to enable the humans to get on with, well you know, the human stuff...

expert AI digital wizardry

Our clever little bubb-bot is really, really, into's all he does. Harnessing the power of AI and having the ability to be plugged into a wide range of job boards & LinkedIn, he searches round the clock to identify suitable talent, either shortlisting, or delivering your employer branded message via digital engagement. With a further ability to aggregate profiles against 18+ data sources, the bubb-bot is also able to bypass LinkedIn InMails and reach out to candidates directly. 

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we access everywhere

Sourcing and posting across a wide range of job media including LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, TotalJobs, Monster, Dice, Xing, CareerBuilder, CV Library and a whole host of other localized and specialist job boards. Whatever you need plugged in to your search, we'll make it happen...

delivered straight to your portal daily

One bubb portal, unlimited users, and lots of candidates to view. Users receive a notification when a new candidate is added, and are then able to live chat with colleagues as well your bubb Talent Partner to easily arrange candidate next steps.


cost effective top of funnel sourcing

Stripping away the fluff to concentrate on driving interested candidates into your business and enabling your hiring team to do more recruiting, and less admin. And by keeping things simple, and by building highly efficient technology, we're able to keep our cost low, meaning your cost per hire goes down, and everyone just becomes pretty happy really.


your employer brand front & centre

Our creative team are on-hand to ensure your employer brand is working for you throughout the talent process. Candidates are able to receive consistent and informative messaging as they transition through the applicant process, keeping them interested & engaged.

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