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embedded talent solutions

From a handful of hires, to global scale ups, we build embedded & on-site solutions for ambitious companies.

embedded recruiters

Embedded recruiters are on-demand, expert talent. From startups to scale-ups to enterprise, our fast moving recruitment team create bespoke solutions around our client's projects. Talent Partners can be deployed quickly, projects can be scaled up or down, and we're flexible enough to be able to work short term or long. Our recruiters are also backed up by the finest in bubb digital-wizardy, meaning they have access to all of the finest recruitment tools to enable them to enhance their candidate sourcing.

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end to end RPO

Similar to embedded, with your bubb Talent Partners becoming immersed within your business, but with added capabilities around ownership of end-to-end recruitment. This will often see us providing you with a complete technology infrastructure, HR & payroll, as well as legal & compliance anywhere in the world. Our RPO teams often work on a global scale, carrying out multi-country expansions or market-entry, and are structured as an independent recruitment function. This means a management structure, operational support, and of course a few super recruiters!

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trusted recruitment experts

We hate to brag, but we're kinda really good at this embedded stuff. Our teams have delivered projects from Doha to Dallas and a whole host of places in between, every time bringing with them the same care and enthusiasm be it a large project or small. Our unique talent + digital combo ensures that we can keep your project as cost effective as possible, often seeing us scale down the talent function and keeping cost effective digital sourcing in place when hiring dips.

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a model that delivers results

Our model is quite simple: it's four things done really well. Our research team uncover the insights needed to strategically build a solid recruitment plan. Our creative team are on hand to add some flair to a project through to designing an EVP from scratch. There's the finest in digital product & service available to help drive the most ambitious of scale-ups. And recruiting, well that's our favourite part!

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cost effective talent acquisition

When budgets are squeezed, we need to be able to do more with less. With our unique talent + digital combo, and dispersed talent teams, we have the edge on keeping costs streamlined. We'll always recommend the most cost effective solution for the task at hand, a solution that's dynamic and able to scale up & scale down as your project requires, so we can keep some pennies in the pot for future hiring.

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talent delivery on a global scale for the world's finest companies

Talent teams strategically spread across the United Kingdom, Poland, and United States, to truly deliver ambitious projects on a global scale

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