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flexible recruitment solutions

Embedded, Specialist & Market-entry Recruitment. Powering hiring on a global scale for companies at all stages of growth.

embedded recruitment

Embedded recruitment is on-demand, expert talent. It's your in-house team with all the perks of having out-house friends. It's the hired help who bring with them all of the latest fancy tools and equipment. It's the convenient solution that doesn't sacrifice on quality and it's something we've got pretty good at. Embedded Talent Partners from bubb come armed with technology that sees them able to recruit at a pace previously unseen amongst humans, whilst giving you constant access to our research & strategy teams, our creative dept, and just about anything we have going spare in the fridge at bubb HQ.

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specialist recruitment

Specialist recruitment, powered by a crack team of headhunters; these are the guys who are honing their craft daily, living and breathing their respective fields, and leaving no unearthly stone unturned in the hunt for those hires so integral to your successful growth. A more traditional recruitment model, we focus on key areas where only experts will do. Data & Analytics for the intricate stuff, Software Development to build the team, and Commercial to keep the wheels turning. This is an ideal model for sporadic hiring, senior appointments, and intricate candidate requirements.

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expert recruiters, international reach

Our embedded & specialist recruitment teams deliver projects across North America & Europe from our 3 strategic locations
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40 Bowling Green Lane, London

San Francisco

475 Sansome St, San Francisco


13 Cieszynska St, Krakow

global hiring & internationalization

The experts in internationalizing and taking you into new territories.

local experts

When it comes to internationalization and new market-entry, no one does it better than bubb. Kicking off with research & advisory, we'll tell you everything you need to know about a new territory before you deploy teams; salary benchmarking, competitor analysis, talent pool insight and more. We'll then localize your employer brand and deliver a launch campaign via local channels and online media. Our network of EOR partners then have you covered when it comes to payroll, HR technology, local rules and regulations (all that very important back-office stuff). But then the fun part, we will be there with our local talent experts to kick-off hiring and deliver a succesful project.

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Kaseya, Poland

Kaseya tasked bubb with the launch of a new product & engineering centre in Krakow, Poland, with a hiring target of 75 developers. Kicking things off with a deep dive of the local market, we started by putting together a 4 point plan that saw us creating a launch campaign, localizing their employer brand, integrating with local HR technology, and putting an expert talent team in place to really get things moving. Along the way, as the project surpassed its original 75 developer target, we have also helped implement a new ATS, a local payroll provider, and our expert team has designed a truly robust end to end recruitment process that will continue to deliver volume hiring.

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creative & digital

Turning great companies into great employer brands.

driving talent attraction

Crafting employer brands and EVP for some of the finest companies on the planet. Our creative team understands talent, and understands how to take great companies and turn them into great employer brands. Our in-house creative team work on-demand, keeping up with the ever changing nature of talent acquisition. When a new requirement appears, they quickly craft content as varied as advert copy through to large scale video production. We then drive your messaging through automated engagement, job boards, social media & more, to reach passive candidates across the globe and drive in-bound talent attraction.

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reaching millions

Accessing hundreds of millions of candidate records by aggregating data across a wide range of job channels and social media. Connecting with talent in an omni-channel environment, our outbound interactions happen via SMS & email, meaning candidates need never sign up or download an app, in order to receive job alerts. For in-bound talent attraction, candidates find us through the channels they where they already exist, such as LinkedIn & Facebook.

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continual talent engagement

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our busy little bubb bots delivers your employer brand messaging to passive talent across the globe

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